Our control panels are manufactured from high quality materials have been designed to allow easy operation and maintenance opportunities. Datakom DKG 309 control card is used as a standard in our products, Datakom D500 / GSM with the ability to be controlled remotely is available as an option. Datakom D500 / GSM and can be started and stopped generator on the internet and fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, generator voltage, current, frequency and output poweer can be accessed from your location to a lot of information about the current situation.

Also Deepsea, Comap, Deif and other control cards are available as an option to be able to.

Visual and audible alarms and emergency stop button are available on our control panels and the fuel level can be monitored on the control card . Our generators have thermal-magnetic circuit breaker and jacket water heater as standard, engine oil heater, fuel tank heater and automatic fuel filling system can also be installed optionally.

In the documents section of our site has detailed information on the control cards.